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West End Night Life

West end is mostly known for its night life environment. People from the mainland refer to it as the “zona viva” which means lively zone. And as for tourists, this is the place that is recommended for those looking to have a wild night! It is the best night life spot fro tourists and locals.

West End is a small town that sits right on the water, compromised of mostly bars and restaurants. Here you find small, open walled bars hosting local bands. During the weeks West End is not as crowded as what it usually is on the weekends. Wednesday evenings, Sundowners is the spot, a relaxing setting a step away from the sea where an incomparable sunset can be enjoyed.

Fridays and Saturdays the night life resides around West End. Whether you get there in a cab or your own vehicle, parking is available at the entrance on West End’s main road. From here on, you just walk down and visit whichever bar of the many you would like to stop in.

The first bars are ideal to start the night. You find cheap beers and usually play old classic metal, rock and reggae music. This all helps to get anyone in the right mood for the rest of the night.

Half way down the West End journey in Nova, a small place that gets full fast! Here they play more dance and techno type music, this all very loud; and again another spot where you can drink and party for a cheap price.

It is also the perfect stop into your night out and journey to your last stop, Fosters. Fosters is usually the final destination of the night. By the time you get here, the world will seem like a much happier place. It is a bigger place with a large crowd, everyone dancing to good music and lots of railings to hang on to, just for safety!

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