What a Year in Roatan

We’ve turned the page on another calendar and now we’ve had time to look back at 2015 to see what we’ve accomplished and what great strides we took last year.

Roatan saw growth and increased popularity in 2015, with lots of fantastic international press highlighting the island as a premier tourism and retirement destination. But that wasn’t all the great activity in Roatan in 2015, there is so much more to celebrate!

Roatan has two popular cruise ship ports, the Port of Roatan in Coxen Hole and Mahogany Bay in Dixon Cove. Both ports saw more activity in 2015 with increased numbers of passengers on an increased number of ships coming to port. With such huge cruise lines as Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, and Princess all coming to Roatan throughout the year, more and more tourists are getting the opportunity to see Roatan’s incredible beauty.

In 2015, Roatan welcomed hundreds of thousands of cruise ship visitors who spent enjoyable days basking in our sunshine, snorkelling over our astounding coral reef, and interacting with all of our eclectic residents. This island offers something for everyone, which our plethora of popular cruise ship shore excursions can demonstrate.

Tourists are able to relax on a beach lounge chair all day, submerge themselves with a variety of underwater activities, or stay afloat with boat tours all around the island. Roatan also offers a vast array of on-land activities, including zipline canopy tours, cultural tours, and a championship golf course at Pristine Bay. The options are endless and all of our happy cruise ship tourists are a testament to the quality of Roatan’s shore excursions.

Cruise ships aren’t the only way to visit the island of Roatan, however. In 2015, more direct international flights were added to the regular line-up, bringing tourists from Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Miami, Toronto, Montreal, San Salvador, and Belize City all directly to our island. Adding direct flights to Belize City allows travellers to enjoy both locations easily and conveniently, and many SCUBA divers and avid snorkelers are already jumping at the chance to travel between these two popular locations.

Once you’ve arrived in Roatan, you can look forward to a plethora of fun things to do. Each year, more events are being added to celebrate various causes and organizations, and to offer diversity of activities. In 2015, some new events were added to the annual calendar, while already popular events grew in both size and scope. When you come to Roatan, try to plan your trip around fantastic events like Extreme Roatan, the Music Festival for the Angels, the Caribbean Cup Freediving Competition, the Annual Roatan Fishing Tournament, and more!

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