What is a Monkey Lala?

What is a Monkey Lala?

When hearing the word ‘Monkey Lala’, the first thing that comes to mind is a little chimp dancing with a hoopla. In reality, Monkey Lala has no links with monkeys twirling in lala lands, or anything of the sort. You may not be familiar with this term in everyday life, but you must be acquainted with it before you plan your vacation to Roatan, as you’ll find two versions of it waiting for you along with the turquoise waters and clear blue sky. Here’s everything you need to know about a Monkey Lala.

The Monkey Lala with No Chill!  

It is not as creepy as it sounds. Monkey Lalas are actually a kind of reptile that are often seen crawling around, specially near brush areas. We say no chill, because when you look closely, you can spot one hastily scurrying about on the ground. They always seem to be in a hurry and have super-fast reflexes and speed. On first look they seem like small lizards, but they are widely known as common basilisks, or even ‘Jesus lizards’ because of their incredible ability to walk on water – or give that illusion, thanks to their swiftly moving legs.

Although there is no significance of knowing this tidbit of information, but Monkey Lalas are found quite abundantly in Roatan, and it’s always fun to watch them tossing their heads in a dramatic way or scampering on their two back legs. Take your cameras along, they are quite photogenic and Instagram-worthy.

The Chilled Monkey Lala

These are the Monkey Lalas we all need in our life. It is a famous drink of Roatan that’s named after the playful little lizard mentioned above. The reason for the name is that having a few of these drinks may cause you to have the same dramatic walk and playfulness of the lizard Monkey Lalas. Now that’s the right way to enjoy your vacations!

Monkey Lalas have many variations, and it mostly depends on the bartender who’s serving the drink. The differences are subtle, like the addition or removal of one ingredient, or spiking up the sweetness with syrups or chocolate sauce. Typically, a drink of Monkey Lala contains rum, vodka, Kahlua and Bailey’s along with rich coconut cream blended with a good amount of ice for a refreshing chilled cocktail. The extra zing can add to the richness of the drink, but calories don’t count when you are on holidays! Also, due to the heavy coconut cream and additional sugary treats, the drink gets quite filling so make sure you don’t give yourself a bellyache by having one too many.

Cocktails and Sunset

Make sure you get yourself a chilled Monkey Lala from your favorite beachfront bar, and stretch and relax as you take in all the wonderful shades of sunset in the tropical paradise of Roatan. This little information goes a long way, as Monkey Lala is a very famous drink in Roatan, not to mention the playful lizard that has quite a large fan following. Don’t forget to ask the bartender to spike it up with some delicious chocolate sauce.

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