What is a Zip-Line (Canopy Tour)?

A Zip-line is used to transfer a person from point A to point B by using a pulley and a cable that is made from stainless steel. You can be attached to the cable or simply hold on to it. There are many types of zip-lines and they are mostly used for entertainment. Some of them are short and low which makes them perfect for children, while others can be longer and higher and are used to access remote places. Zip-lines are quite a popular activity here in Roatan and there are many zip-line tours that can be found around the island.

History of the Zip-Line

One of the first zip-lines was used in China where it helped people cross rivers, but eventually, they decided to build bridges for safety reasons. Zip-Lines were also used to transport all kinds of goods in remote areas around the world. There are stories how Australian troops used this form of transportation to deliver food, ammunition, and mail. Today, a zip-line is used for entertainment and has become quite a popular activity, especially on tropical islands like Roatan.

We all love the Flying Fox

A Flying Fox is made from rope and it’s quite easy to install and set up. We all remember the flying fox from school camp, a Zip-Line is a more advanced Flying Fox, which includes steel cables, safety equipment, and hillsides offering amazing views and lush tropical jungle canopy.

Extreme Zip-Line Adventures

In Roatan you will even find extreme zip-lines which offer adventure, excitement for all ages. Most of these zip-lines cover long distances and are often installed at considerable heights. Of course, you will need to have a helmet on at all times while using the professional zip-line. Keep in mind that cables can be set quite high (10 to 20 m) and the length of the zip line in some cases is 500m.

Zip-Lines are safe to use, but if you are unsure in your abilities you can always get some help from the professionals. Every location in Roatan that offers zip-line adventures has professional staff in their team who will make sure you have an amazing Zip-Line experience.

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