When is Rainy Season in Roatan

Unlike other places in the world where the rainy season usually comes with a shortage of fun things to do, Roatan’s rainy season is quite different and offers a wide range of activities to choose from. During this time of year, the temperature cools down and there are fewer tourists on the island. You probably won’t be able to spend the whole day drinking refreshing beverages on the beach during the rainy season, but there is still plenty to do on the island.

When is the Rainy Season in Roatan?

The rainy season in Roatan lasts from October to January. November and December are the wettest months, as the heaviest rainfalls occur during this period. Random storms can be witnessed in January and February. This part of the year in Roatan can be best described as winter in some other counties like Canada and the United States, just without the snow and low temperatures.

What is the Rainy Season Like in Roatan?

The good news is that the rainy season in Roatan is not connected in any way to the monsoon season in other countries. This means that the island doesn’t get flooded and it does not rain all the time. Of course, there are days when the rain falls down constantly a few days in a row, but there are times when there is no rain for days. People who live here like to see these changes and are used to a bit of sun and a bit of rain.

What Can I Do During the Rainy Season?

Thanks to being home to the second largest barrier reef in the world, Roatan is an ideal destination for scuba diving. What’s great is that you can still scuba dive in the rainy season. Snorkelers may find it difficult to explore the marine life because of the decreased visibility, but scuba divers won’t experience these problems. In case it’s raining and you can’t go to the beach, there are many bars with live music performances where you can relax. Also you will find a wide range of land based activities which are perfect for rainy days, take a canopy tour, and island tour, rent off road vehicles, hiking or explore one of the many animal parks on the island. Since you are on vacation, you can also just relax and enjoy some peace and quiet.

Are There Any Electricity Problems?

Travelers who have a room booked in a hotel or are staying at one of the resorts in Roatan will be happy to hear that most of these places have a backup generator in case of power outages during the rainy season. These power outages do happen because of the high winds in stormy weather, but they won’t ruin your vacation if this is something you are worried about.

Best Time to Travel to Roatan

The best time to travel to Roatan in the rainy season is probably in early October and early January when there is little rain and more sunshine. You will definitely get a better deal on flights and accommodation during this period and won’t have to wait in line at restaurants and bars.

Start planning your trip to Roatan.

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