Why Relocate to Roatan Island?

Roatan has become a very popular destination for tourists and expats in the last couple of years. It is easily reachable from the USA as there are regular flights to the island and plenty of people come here to retire. If you are wondering what makes this place so special and why so many people relocate to Roatan, here is a short list of reasons.

Roatan is Beautiful in Every Way

Known for its stunning beauty, Roatan is often referred to as the Gem of the Caribbean. It’s a beach-lovers paradise surrounded by rolling hills and lush landscape. You can spend all day chilling on the white-sand beaches and enjoy killer sunsets. Many people who come here on vacation somehow end up staying in Roatan. Is it the natural beauty of the island or the laid-back atmosphere, no one really knows.

You Will Find Affordable Real Estate Prices

The great thing about settling down in Roatan is that you probably won’t have to spend a lot of money on your new home. Did you know that it’s almost two times cheaper to buy a property in Roatan that in the USA? Well, numbers don’t lie and even renting an apartment is cheaper than in major USA cities.

Everyone Speaks English, but Better Learn Some Spanish

English is the first language for most of the people who were born and raised on the island. There are also many Spanish-speaking folks who work in Roatan, but some of them don’t speak good English. Don’t expect to be understood every time you go to a bank or shopping.

Low Cost of Living is a Big Plus

Besides budget-friendly prices for houses, low cost of living is one of the reasons why many expats choose to settle down here at Roatan. The food is not expensive and people can easily retire here with an income around $1,500 a month. Keep in mind that the electricity bill is quite expensive since the electricity on the island runs on generators.

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