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Accomodation and Hotel Guide in Honduras

Whether you are looking for an adventurous vacation or a luxury experience, Honduras offers a wide range of accomodation to fit any budget and lifestyle. From the white sand beaches of the Bay Islands to the luxurious suites in Tegucigalpa, no matter how long you plan to stay, Honduras is sure to meet your needs.

Camping is not an option chosen by the majority of Hondurans, and there are not an abundance of campsites in the country. However Honduras is covered in national parks, and reserves, spreading from coastal areas to more remote inland regions of the country. Many of these national parks do not have facilities for sleeping, but do allow visitors to camp. People wanting to camp in Honduras should be equipped to deal with little or no camping facilities.

The hostels and the lower prices hotels are known as hospedajes and pensiones within Honduras, and are the cheapest options for budget travellers in Honduras. Prices can vary from US$2 to US$20, ranging from a simple dorm room with shared bathroom, to a basic room with a private bathroom. Honduras can have a very hot climate, and therefore it is important to ensure that the room is equipped with a working fan. This type of accommodation will more likely be found in the more popular destinations in Honduras such as Copan, the Bay Islands and several other of the Caribbean coastal towns, however sometimes basic accommodation might be the only option in the smaller remote towns and villages.

Moderately priced hotels range from US$20 to US$60, and similarly to the hostels will be found in the more urban areas, and the areas visited by more tourists and business people. The rooms are clean and offer more amenities in them such as air conditioning and cable television, private bathrooms. The hotel will normally have a restaurant as well.

Located in Tegucigalpa, San Pedro Sula and the Bay Islands you find the more luxurious hotels of Honduras. Tourists can pay anywhere from US$80 to as much as US$1300 per night for suites. These are five star hotels, with immaculate rooms with modern furnishings, private bathrooms, air conditioning, room service, and the hotels often have comforts such as swimming pools, tennis courts, bars and restaurants and gyms.

The Bay Islands are a group of three islands located off the coast of Honduras in the Caribbean Sea. One accommodation option on these islands is dive resorts. Some of the best diving in the world can be found in the reefs surrounding these islands. Most Dive Resorts are deluxe hotels, which offer weekly packages instead of nightly prices, including meals and two boat dives per day. For those looking for a relaxing time at the beach with an abundance of opportunity to dive, an all-inclusive package might be an ideal situation.

In most locations of Honduras for long-term visitors a rental house could be an attractive option. Though at most times you need to look for a vacant house or apartment locally once arriving in a location. It has though been becoming more and more popular in the Bay Islands, San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa to be able to find rental houses advertised on the Internet and through online newspapers and newsletters. If you are considering a longer-term vacation to Honduras be sure to look into renting a rental home as a base to explore Honduras.

What every your requirements are for accommodation in Honduras there is something to meet your needs. Browse the below pages with accommodation ideas in Honduras.

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